The Neuconnect Community Fund

It is vital for major infrastructure projects to be delivered responsibly and to be a ‘good neighbour’ to local communities, so in 2023 NeuConnect established ‘The NeuConnect Community Fund’.

Each year, ‘The NeuConnect Community Fund’ will provide financial support to local projects and initiatives that will directly benefit the areas in which NeuConnect will be constructed and operate – an annual UK fund will be available to support projects in the village of the Isle of Grain and wider Medway region, with a separate Germany fund available to support projects in the city of Wilhelmshaven and Hookiel.

What projects Neuconnect will support

NeuConnect and its investors are proud to deliver a project that will create significant environmental, economic and consumer benefits in Germany and the UK – in line with this, projects to be supported by the ‘NeuConnect Community Fund’ will need to clearly demonstrate the sustainable, long-term benefits they offer to local communities including:

Environmental benefits such as:

  • The efficient use of energy, such as improvements to community buildings to make them more energy efficient.
  • The protection of the environment, such as improvements to local nature areas or open spaces
  • Promoting environmental matters, such as educational programmes or visits with local schools

Social benefits such as:

  • Providing important facilities or services for the local community
  • Creating education and employment opportunities for local people
  • Offering opportunities to support and promote the local area such as tourism and local businesses

Cross-border collaboration:

  • NeuConnect will create a vital new link between the UK and Germany so ‘The NeuConnect Community Fund’ is keen to support any projects that encourage continued Anglo-German relations, such as student exchange visits or other cross-border collaborations

Together with the criteria above, all projects must be in accordance with local and national regulations. Projects should be non-political and non-profit, or able to demonstrate that NeuConnect funds will not be used for their own commercial gain.

How projects will be selected

NeuConnect will work with its local partners, community groups and other stakeholders in the UK and Germany to help identify suitable projects that could be supported by The NeuConnect Community Fund. In future, a ‘call for proposals’ may also be launched to invite local groups to submit funding proposals for specific projects and initiatives.


How to find out more

This section of the NeuConnect website will be updated with news and further details as The NeuConnect Community Fund gets underway, and the ‘News’ section of the website will also be updated with further details on the fund and some of the first projects that are selected. For any further enquiries please contact