Project Overview

The NeuConnect Interconnector will create the first direct power link between Germany and Great Britain, connecting two of Europe’s largest energy markets for the first time.

What are interconnectors?

Interconnectors create important new links between the energy networks of different countries, allowing a safe, secure and affordable energy supply to cross geographical boundaries. Many countries, including GB and Germany, have identified a long-term need for interconnectors as they help to integrate energy markets, increase competition and security of supply, and deliver value for money for consumers.


Why is NeuConnect needed?

By connecting two of Europe’s largest energy markets for the first time, the project will offer a more diverse and sustainable supply, offering much needed resilience, security and flexibility in GB and Germany. Increased competition in the British market could also lead to lower costs for consumers and businesses, while in Germany the new link will help reduce ‘bottlenecks’ by opening up an important new market for excess renewable energy to be exported to. The project will also deliver a range of wider consumer and economic benefits, including jobs and business opportunities.


Where will the NeuConnect project be located?

The NeuConnect interconnector will link the Isle of Grain in Kent, England with the Wilhelmshaven region in Germany, with subsea cables travelling through British, Dutch and German waters.